Apogia Luxury Apartment


Apogia Hotels is here to welcome you with great packages, to turn your holiday into an unforgettable memory.

Facing the enchanting Venetian beach sidewalk, the Apogia Hotel in Bibione open its doors to introduce you to the most luxurious and elegant surroundings, equipped with all the comforts for a first class vacation.

With thermal spa centres, sport facilities, inside a well cured and preserved nature surroundings, the Apogia Hotels of Bibione face the seaside, very closed to the city centre, to offer you precious relaxing moments and cultural fun times around the vibrant Venetian town.

Considered as one of the best seaside beach locations in the North of Italy, Bibione has recently being awarded as Blue Flag (Bandiera Blu). Pure white, long, equipped beaches, where you could spend hours laying down in the sun, or walking through unique pine forests that refresh your body and soul. Not far from the sea, switching onto the weekly fun entertainments for the kids, sports and game activities; you will be able to park the car until your departure date and enjoy the town by bike or simply walking around. Bibione has a lot to offer, that is why is amongst the Italian seaside locations, that Apogia has chosen as their main base location spot, their quality hotels will make your holiday incredible and unforgettable.