Apogia Luxury Apartment


Between white precious beaches, millennial traditions that take back to the origins of the city near Gorizia and not far from the artistic Venice, Grado welcomes some of the main hotel facilities of the Apogia Group. Cured in every detail and ready to welcome single travelers as well as families with kids, the rooms of the Astoria Hotel in Grado offer comfort and relax for every season of the year.

Mostly known for its thermal spa centres and for its nickname Island of the Sun, Grado is part of its lagoon (who carries the same name) that is formed by 30 islands facing the Adriatic Sea. Born before Venice, Grado is well known for the beach tourism, and for its history, architecture and traditions of its surroundings. Among Palaeotologie-Christian jewels, symbols of the house of Hapsburgs domination, that have characterized the eighteenth century of the city, Grado tells its history through every corner of its city.

Inside the Apogia Hotels you could breathe the true atmosphere of Grado, preserved and embellished to ensure the most exceptional accomodation.

Don't miss out and book your holiday in the city that inspired the birth of Venice!