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Pets Hotels

Club Bibione Pet Hotels: dedicated for our four-legged guests

In 2010 Bibione was voted “best dog beach in Italy” by the Italian Ministry for Tourism, for this reason is the ideal tourism resort to welcome those who spend their holidays with their four legged friends.

Here you can find agility courses, dog trekking on the beach, beauty contests and the famous Pluto Beach, an area of ??the beach all dedicated to our best friends.

Dogs are the best travel as well as life mates: you only have to choose the right hotels which welcome and provide special services for your four legged friends.

We accept dogs with microchip and a regular and valid vaccine register with anti-rabies vaccine certificate.

Admitted pets:

  1. Small dogs
  2. Medium-sized dogs

On the reception:

Hotel accessible areas: all public areas of our hotel are accessible to your animal respecting other people.They are not allowed in the restaurant and swimming pool area.

Cleaning: The rooms will be cleaning with anti allergy agents in order that all our customers are happy, confident and satisfied because cleaning is the most important goal for us!