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Walking Hotels

Club Bibione Walking Hotels: for those who want to combine sport and relax on holiday!

Bibione is a constant surprise to those who want to discover its natural beauty while walking.

The resort in fact offers very different backdrops over a relatively small surface area. Let’s start from the beach, ten long kilometres of fine sand, which are ideal for Nordic walking lovers, and which on the one hand allow you to admire the flora and fauna of the river mouth, and on the other the lagoon environments characterized by floating islands and reed beds that surround charming canals.

Not to mention the natural oasis of Val Grande and Vallesina: strolling through woods of centuries’ old oak and pine trees, which are inhabited by deer, turtles, ducks and herons. Worlds of suspended atmosphere and unexpected silence. However within a few minutes you can also dip into the typical scenario of holiday liveliness and dynamism thanks to the main streets of Bibione which are dotted with bars, restaurants and trendy shops.

Our services and equipment:

  1. Providing telescopic poles;
  2. Safe equipment storage;
  3. Energetic breakfast;
  4. Illustrative material about tracks and routes as well as other information regarding events and exhibitions